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Foot pain doesn't have to control your life. Make sure you can take advantage of all of life's opportunities by having your pain treated quickly and effectively.


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Comprehensive general foot care

X-rays are available on-site.


Don't let foot surgery keep you off your feet any longer than you have to - take advantage of our out-patient surgical procedures.


Some of these procedures are even performed on-site so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.

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Get through, competent foot cares for every member of your family with ease. From sports injuries to bunions, you will have access to all the foot care services you need.


We even specialize in senior citizen foot care so you can rest assured you are getting quality service.

Patients of all ages are accepted

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Whether you have an ingrown toenail, need reconstructive foot surgery or need a custom-mold foot orthotic made, we can take care of all your podiatry needs and serving you best. Eliminate financial concerns by coming to a practice that accepts must insurances for your convenience.

Treatment selection for your foot pain

General Foot Care – heel pain, ingrown toenails, fractures, corns, and more

Foot Surgery – reconstructive, corrective, broken bones, bone fractures, and more

Additional Services – custom-mold foot orthotics, x-rays, ultrasound studies, physical therapy, and more

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Have your foot pain and other disorders competently treated by coming into the Autauga Family Footcare Clinic. Same-day appointments are available.